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Tips to sell your property in Spain

Monday 1, April 2019 (12:13:37)

Tips to sell your property in Spain

Tips focused on helping owners to sell their property successfully and with satisfaction.

1º Choose your real estate agency well. But what if they are all the same?.

Unfortunately, not all real estate agencies operate in the same way, nor do they have properly qualified and/or experienced commercial teams. It is very important to choose a consolidated and renowned real estate agency, but it is also very important that you know the neighborhood or the area where you want to sell your property.

*Highly recommended is in the Roses area and/or Ampuriabrava visit one of the 29 agencies that are part of CBRAI. This is an MLS or a real estate association; only by hiring the services of one of them, you will have automatically the opportunity to access the rest of the associated real estate, working to sell your property so there will be more chances of success with the sale.

 2º Valuing correctly the property to sell is the key to success

As a real estate agent, I often meet owners who try to convince me that their property is worth much more than the others. For various reasons: because they have a sentimental value, because 10 years ago they spent money reforming it or, because they just changed the kitchen and they want that money back. Unfortunately, and on the other side, we find the buyers customers who are basically interested in two things: that the purchase meets all their needs, and especially, that it is at the lowest possible price.

But fortunately, the price is not marked by the seller, the buyer, or the intermediary. The price is set by the market. (or supply and demand.

It is for this reason that the most important thing to get to sell your property, regardless of whether it meets or not everyone’s needs, is to fix correctly the selling price. To do this, we must put attention to point number one, "choose your real estate agency well", since they are the ones who know exactly the market prices, and most importantly, know exactly the real prices that the properties have been sold.

We must understand that real estate agencies are not a simple “opening doors” or commissioners,  but professionals in the real estate sector.


3º Properly collect all the necessary documents.

To sell your property, you need to prepare a serial of documents such as:

- Updated simple note of the registration property

- Copy of the ID/NIE of all the owners

- Certificate of Habitability

- Energy certificate

- Last receipts of the supplying companies (water, electricity, gas, etc ...)

 All this information must be provided to the real estate agency that you have chosen, to prepare the dossier and the corresponding authorization to sell, and so, to be able to market correctly your property.

If any real estate agency did not ask for this information, you may regret your professionalisme, as surely the only thing they will ask you is: how much do you want for your flat, my commission is within that price?

 4º Arrange the property to sell it

It is the same as when we would want to conquer some girl/boy, we need to be well groomed and impeccable to create a very good impression, we also need in the case of our property that is in the best conditions to make a good impression. Only with having the property clean, tidy, without gossip by the kitchen, with the arranged garden if there is, and without too many things everywhere, would cause a better impression, and also that does not need to spend money ...

In case of having a property that is not furnished, Home Staging is highly recommended, which is nothing more than a professional decorating the property with simulated furniture. Many real estate agencies include this service within their brokerage fees.